Junior White & Nina Creese – Something in the air (Chris IDH Vox Mix)

Καταπληκτικό κομμάτι, πρόταση από τον TasosX από Soulkeez!!

A native of Naples Italy, Junior White has more than two decades of experience mixing and djing. Born in Naples, Italy, in 1973, Junior White DJ was just an infant during the height of the late 1970’s Dance Explosion. As a teenager he began to practice mixing the latest 70/80’s hits and at the age of 16, he was hired at Boom Boom Record Shop in Naples where he fine-tuned his ear for underground dance music. He began djing under the tutelage of Dj Tony White, who became his mentor. Friends called Junior the disciple. Wherever Tony was you could find Junior next to him. He soon had a chance to test his own skills at Pandemonium Club, a morning loft party held in Naples, Italy. Soon he was playing his own nights in the clubs of Naples and in 1992 he was resident in one of the biggest clubs in Southern Italy, the Metropolis.

In 2006, after a brief hiatus in Italy, Junior White returned to New York City where he met singer and multi-instrumentalist, Noelle. The two began collaborating on house music projects with the help of
Gianni “Blackjack” Fontana of Explode Studios. Their recent releases on SoulShine Recordings and Next Dimension Music are making DJ top ten lists and gaining worldwide support. In 2008 Junior met DJ Asso Spades and joined his group “Wake Up” organizing house music parties in New York City clubs. This group was the inspiration for his 2009 release “Wake Up” on Sounds of the Booth which reached the Traxsource Top twenty and was supported by the likes of Tony Humphries.

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Damian Wilson And Darren Crook Feat The Teddy Love Project – Love So Strong

Darren Crooks’ mother was one of the hardest working Jazz Funk & Disco djs on the southcoast circuit during the 70’s and Darren was born into a musical world based around his mothers’ record collection comprising of thousands of rare and now deleted Funk & disco 7 & 12″s. Growing up with the sounds of Fat Larrys Band, Parliament, Earth Wind & Fire and Imagination to name only a few and always having access to dj equipment it was a completely natural progression for Darren to grown up with a passion for music, djing and eventually production.

At School Darrens passion for music was very apparent. Regulary recording house mix tapes for his class mates!.Much to the career advisors disgust Darren knew that not only did he want to play music to people, he wanted to make it. When school finished Darren signed himself up to study music production at college. At the age of 17, as well as running and djing small low key House Music parties at the weekends in various pubs around the south coast Darren had his head down studying the art of production. It was during this time Darren decided to send a demo of a re-edit he had done of Sandy Rivera’s “Young Hearts” to Simon Dunmore the A&R Director and owner of his favourite record label DEFECTED RECORDS.

The demo impressed Simon so much it lead to a Job at the label which was to be a 3 year house music affair. At Defected towers then based in Soho Darren had the chance to work alongside and for the likes of Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar, Full Intention, Copyright, Liquid People & Sandy Rivera (Kings Of Tomorrow) to name only a few. Darren even djed for Defected at the Ministry of Sound!.

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Native Soul feat Trey Washington – A New Day (The Black Science Orchestra Mississippi Black Sunday Remix)

Native Soul Recordings is one of the leading & upcoming House Music digital recording labels in the southwest specializing in deep, funky, jazzy house music. NSR was created and founded in 2007 by Robert Ballejos (Zaint), Dominic Casaus (Beufie) & Herman Aragon (Jubal). Native Soul Recordings has enlisted a heavy hitting roster of Dj’s and producers already in its few years as a label with releases and remixes by the likes of Johnny Fiasco, JT Donaldson, Hipp-E, Sun City Hustlers, Jevne and Jake Childs just to name a few.

NSR has seven releases out so far online @ stompy.com, beatport.com, Itunes.com, junodownload.com, amazon.com, traxsource.com …etc. NSR has hosted several dj nights across Albuquerque including the still talked about “Move Mondays” at the Martini Grille in the Nob Hill district. The boys provided great dance music for just over a period of five years on Monday nights. They have gained respect of many dj’s and performers across the globe. The NSR team has definitely taken “the bull by the horns” and has set high standards for their peers. Unlike any other djs, producers locally, Native Soul Recordings is the first and only of its kind in New Mexico.

The team has partnered with top-notch talent raging from artists, producers, dj’s, aggregators to their promotional and marketing team whom they’ve developed tight knitted relationships with. The team strives for excellence in everything that they involve themselves in and continue to catch the attention of their fans. NSR plans to keep the balling rolling and maintain their strong and hard work ethics for many years to come.

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Quentin Harris feat Ultra Nate – Give It 2 U

Born in Havre de Grace, (near Baltimore, Maryland, USA) Ultra Naté displayed her singing talent at an early age. Growing up, Naté enjoyed a wide variety of music; she enjoyed listening to artists such as Marvin Gaye and Boy George, whom Naté would later say helped her become more open to being more experimental with her style and production of music.

She is best known in her home country for her classic 1990s dance crossover track, “Free”. She is also remembered in America for her team-up with Amber and Jocelyn Enriquez as Stars on 54 on a 1998 cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind”, which was also a mainstream American hit. It reached #52 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #3 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Though she has had club success in America, she has found the majority of her singles and, especially, album sales success in Europe.

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Phil Asher & Kai Alce ft Kayenne – Someone

Phil Asher Intro: “OK – where to start? Heres a brief biography of all the bits of my life chucked into one.

Introductions first. Ive made over eighty of my own productions, and tampered with countless other tracks in a remix guise. Delirium was my first gig at Delirium (Londons first house club) in 1991 – which basically consisted of me slipping on a record when Noel Watson went to the toilet – to more recent gigs at Garage City, Off Centre, Angels of Love and Ministry of Sound, Ive played pretty much everywhere.

Ive been surrounded by music and vinyl from an early age; my Dad worked in a record store, bringing home all the latest releases to me. Enterprisingly, I would slyly slip them into my schoolbag and take them to school, subsequently selling them to my friends.

When anything came out, my Dad would bring it back to me: I had the first Specials record, the first Electric Light Orchestra record… Hed also bring me little boxes of returns and stuff. Wed sell them at school fairs. All the other kids would be doing Bob the Apple, and wed be getting these twenty seven year old punks coming up from the Kings Road for Clash box sets for twenty quid a go. We knew what was going on…! This grew up with me, and I went on to work in Quaff Records and Vinyl Solution, two of Londons finest record stores.

Dont ask me what I play – I hate pigeonholing. At our club on a Friday night (The Notting Hill Arts Club that I do with Patrick Forge), I play jazz, latin, all the classics, a bit of disco and funk. Saturday nights are more cutting-edge house music. I play music from every category as long as its good: Quality timeless music, with big production.

I work with Luke McCarthy as the Restless Soul production team, which also incorporates producers Modaji, (Laws of Motion Records) Taxi Driver, (Estereo Records), and Roy the Roach, Aaron Ross and Felix Hopkins (also my trusty engineer). He also produces under various aliases including Basic Soul and Electric Soul with Luke McCarthy, Woolph, Phoojun [alongside Nathan Haines], and 12-bit Rephugees with Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Im part of the West London brokenbeat scene which has been receiving serious critical acclaim of late…Im a founding member of the CO-OP club alongside Dego, I.G Culture and Demus. This enables us to represent and promote the West London sound worldwide.

Last year I produced a live-based jazz album for Chillifunk Records with saxophonist Nathan Haines, and Ive recently finished producing my second album, which will appear on the French label Versatile records.”

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Erick Morillo feat. Deborah Cooper – I Get Lifted

Deborah Cooper is a female, part African American, professional dance music singer, award winning composer and entertainer, with several number one and top charting dance music and house music hits.

Cooper started as female vocalist for the Fatback Band, then as lead female vocalist and member of disco/R&B band Change (1981-1985) where she made several hits. In the 1990s she was part of C+C Music Factory as both a lead and back up vocalist resulting with several # 1 hits including “Deeper Love”, “Pride” and “Keep It Comin” (Dance Till You Cant Dance) bot rap and #1 charting dance versions of the theme from the cult film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The film featured a version of “Keep It Comin” with Rapper Q-Unique, while the Dance club version was solely Deborah Cooper vocals. She continues to lend her vocals to house music tracks by other record producers, as well as release her own solo tracks.

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Knee Deep Feat. Feat. Cathy Battistessa – All About Love (Knee Deep Vocal Mix)

Cathy Battistessa is an established singer, songwriter & performer with tracks featured on numerous artist albums sold world-wide. Mostly known in the genres of Dance and Chillout music, her songs feature heavily on such Cult Artist Compilations such as Cafe Del Mar, Buddha Bar, Hed Kandi, Ministry Of Sound, Hotel Coste and Defected compilations.

Cathy Battistessa is now recognised internationally as ‘The Voice of Café Del Mar’, writing and performing legendary chill-out songs such as ‘More Than Ever People’, ‘Oh Home’, ‘Shine, ‘Speck of Gold’ and ‘Riva’.

Many of her classic chill-out and dance floor hits are featured on such artist and compilation albums as Defected, Ministry of Sound, The Afterlife Lounge, Café Mambo, Café Ibiza, Hed Kandi and Buddha Lounge. In 2000 Cathy co-wrote the UK top ten hit ‘A Little Bit Of Luck’ with DJ Luck & MC Neat. Cathy has collaborated and composed with numerous innovative producers, writers and artists across the globe including Valgier Siggurson (Bjork), Rob da Bank & Chris CoCo (BBC Radio), Stephane Pompougnac (Hotel Costes), Jose Padilla, Paco Fernandez, Knee Deep and Slow Pulse from Ibiza. She has also enjoyed continued success co-writing with Steve Miller from Afterlife on tracks such as ‘Shine’, ‘Go Easy’, ‘Let it Go’ and the title track of the Afterlife Lounge Album, ‘Speck Of Gold’.

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