Criminal Vibes – Bring The Beat

After several years of success in the world of pop dance, Paul Jockey meets Angelo Paciotti, a young aspiring producer. Together they set up a new group that releases a number of new projects, such as “Criminal Vibes” that hits the dance world with the individual electro house style number entitled “What You Say” in 2007. By the end of 2008 Criminal Vibes increase their collaboration with Sound 4 Group, and shortly after release their second single “Take It Easy”, using once again the electro house style, growing both in metric and richness of sound, this time boasting the collaboration of vocalist Irish Kilian Seavers. In early 2009, collaboration with the label becomes more complete, as Criminal Vibes take on a career in remixing thanks to “Criminal Vibes Noferini &” and “Star”, by Victor Perez, which soon becomes one of the project’s key tracks.

Soon after, they release further remixes which quickly climb the charts, such as “Boy” by Noferini & Max D-Loved, “Hey Boy Hey Girl” by Cristian Key, La La Land Menini & Viani, “Beautiful Life” by Noferini , and Blackwell Babayaga and “House music” by Noferini & Marini. In addition, the Criminal Vibes version of “Dark Beat” by Menini & Viani has great success in the world charts and is also used by Roger Sanchez in the compilation “Release Yourself” on “Stealth Records”. At the end of May 2009 comes a successful remake of “Pump it Up”, once again using the voice of the Irish singer Kilian Seavers, which fuses the solid style “criminal” electronic.

The single “Caribe” comes out in summer 2009 and Criminal Vibes utilise a sample of Latin guitar flavour to rhythmic sounds in a way that is considered original and innovative by the world media. Here again four different versions satisfy the different musical appetites of the various clubs around the world. Finally, thanks to their solid, gritty style, Criminal Vibes are also engaged in some international dates with their DJ set.

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