Phil Asher & Kai Alce ft Kayenne – Someone

Phil Asher Intro: “OK – where to start? Heres a brief biography of all the bits of my life chucked into one.

Introductions first. Ive made over eighty of my own productions, and tampered with countless other tracks in a remix guise. Delirium was my first gig at Delirium (Londons first house club) in 1991 – which basically consisted of me slipping on a record when Noel Watson went to the toilet – to more recent gigs at Garage City, Off Centre, Angels of Love and Ministry of Sound, Ive played pretty much everywhere.

Ive been surrounded by music and vinyl from an early age; my Dad worked in a record store, bringing home all the latest releases to me. Enterprisingly, I would slyly slip them into my schoolbag and take them to school, subsequently selling them to my friends.

When anything came out, my Dad would bring it back to me: I had the first Specials record, the first Electric Light Orchestra record… Hed also bring me little boxes of returns and stuff. Wed sell them at school fairs. All the other kids would be doing Bob the Apple, and wed be getting these twenty seven year old punks coming up from the Kings Road for Clash box sets for twenty quid a go. We knew what was going on…! This grew up with me, and I went on to work in Quaff Records and Vinyl Solution, two of Londons finest record stores.

Dont ask me what I play – I hate pigeonholing. At our club on a Friday night (The Notting Hill Arts Club that I do with Patrick Forge), I play jazz, latin, all the classics, a bit of disco and funk. Saturday nights are more cutting-edge house music. I play music from every category as long as its good: Quality timeless music, with big production.

I work with Luke McCarthy as the Restless Soul production team, which also incorporates producers Modaji, (Laws of Motion Records) Taxi Driver, (Estereo Records), and Roy the Roach, Aaron Ross and Felix Hopkins (also my trusty engineer). He also produces under various aliases including Basic Soul and Electric Soul with Luke McCarthy, Woolph, Phoojun [alongside Nathan Haines], and 12-bit Rephugees with Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Im part of the West London brokenbeat scene which has been receiving serious critical acclaim of late…Im a founding member of the CO-OP club alongside Dego, I.G Culture and Demus. This enables us to represent and promote the West London sound worldwide.

Last year I produced a live-based jazz album for Chillifunk Records with saxophonist Nathan Haines, and Ive recently finished producing my second album, which will appear on the French label Versatile records.”

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